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We provide US / GCC small and medium size businesses support and development for growth opportunities. Our expertise lies in our experience on the ground working with key decision makers, investors and government officials within the United Arab Emirates as well as in the United States. We have developed quality relationships and consultants within the GCC region over the past several years. This is a requirement for successfully navigating the business culture across boundaries.

Business development means different things to different people. That's why it is appropriate to define the term beforehand. For some it simply means prospection, to others it can mean developing a new product or technology, while to others it can mean investing or divesting corporate assets. All have their own right to claim that their activity is business development, that's why it is necessary to dissect the term. Business development is about bringing discontinuity into the normal operations of an organization. It's about bringing, doing or developing new things the organization didn't do before or understand how to do before implementing a new strategy or game plan.
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