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The TLB Enterprises Group Holding’s program uses a Work Flow Process Strategy that takes into consideration, daily operations strategies which will utilize a commitment to the “SPEEDY Work Flow Process” ™ in which everyone throughout the organization can communicate. It then becomes the operations standard, allowing for a common language to spoken by everyone. Every employee and team(s) (internal/deployed) of the business can then be educated and trained on the same process for daily Work Flow Management and Assessment purposes. This will allow the employee and/or management to monitor and evaluate every action carried out that relates to their responsibilities. SPEEDY means Simple, Practical, Efficient, Effective & Demonstrable (Doable) and Yield (outcome or benefit).

The “Work Flow Process” ™ incorporates the progress of work through the following stages:

  • 1
  • Stage I: (Simple) listen, collect information, contact or be contacted, research, define the vision, identify goals, objectives, task, functions and steps in no particular order.
  • 2
  • Stage II: (Practical) organize the initial stage, establish a measure and collect at least one resource, process, benefit, expectation, test, time frame, constraint and/or milestone. Start reviewing.
  • 3
  • Stage III: (Effective) prioritize according to the identified need(s), time frames, constraints, milestones and resources they have compiled. Continue to use measurement and review techniques.
  • 4
  • Stage IV: (Efficient) summarize priorities for simplicity and communication to determine the course of actions. Continue to use measurement and review techniques.
  • 5
  • Stage V: (Demonstrable) introduce, educate, offer, negotiate, tour, demo, and begin to implement the objectives and course of actions defined while utilizing the previous stages. Implement the first four stages, keeping all things considered. Continue to use measurement and review techniques.
  • 6
  • Stage VI: (Yield) review, adjust and analyze the results of the previous stages. Determine if there is anything that relates to other processes that are duplicates or needs to be improved and updgraded. Start the process over.
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