• We Bring It Altogether For You
    We Build Relationships
    Extensive experience helping clients achieve and accelerate
    growth in their core business and beyond
  • Beyond The Boundaries
    of Business Barriers
    Fine-Tuning for Growth.
    We identify options to enhance the growth performance
    of the existing business through new segments,
    reprioritized investments, new processes,
    and new policies.
  • SebaiCMET, our green
    Technology Partner
    SebaiCMET, Inc, a privately held company was
    organized in May 2009 to manufacture, distribute
    sell and market systems owned and
    patented by Clean and Green Enterprises, Inc.
  • Web technologies that meet
    your business needs.
    With ever changing technologies we make sure
    that our clients stay up to date.Our web services
    include wide range of services like
    social media, responsive designs, SEO, online marketing,
    and much more
TLB Enterprises is focused on adding value, "We Build Relationships"! We are a Logistics, Business Development and Business Support Strategic Marketing and Enterprise Solutions group!

Simple Solutions

We believe in simple, effective, and targeted solutions. By creating a 360 problem solving model our solutions will tackle all current and future business problems.

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Technical Know-how

With our team of experts we not only advise different solutions for your business but also make it happen. Our experts range from all different categories.

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Umbrella Solutions

We provide all the solutions under one roof. With our years of experiences in business development we can help your businesss blossom.

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Fresh Works

List are some of recent companies we have helped in gaining their full potential of businesss.

  • JUMPSTART YOUR BUSINESS? Let us get you started by a using our unique and customizable system for Vision Management Assessments and Analysis. Read More

  • NEXT LEVEL MARKETING STRATEGIES? Most people think that marketing is science that only can be understood by people who can run elaborate numbers and use software and tracking devices to discover who their customers are by locating their target market. Read More

  • THAT IS THE NEXOSYSTEM? The NEXOSYSTEM was developed by Terence L. Bolden, President of TLB Enterprises Group Holding. It is more than just a Total Quality Management System, it is the ultimate Total Vision Management System that allows you to manage by 450 Degrees of visibility. Read More

Business Beyond Boundaries

We are expanding into the area of contractual negotiations for business transactions that mutually agreeable parties enter into to do business globally.This strategic approach enables us to access a world-class, worldwide network of support for small- and medium-sized businesses providing support in emerging countries to gain access to the highest levels of business intelligence.

Increase Your profits

The TLB Enterprises Group Holding’s program uses a Work Flow Process Strategy that takes into consideration, daily operations strategies which will utilize a commitment to the “SPEEDY Work Flow Process” ™ in which everyone throughout the organization can communicate. It then becomes the operations standard, allowing for a common language to spoken by everyone.

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Benifits of our Services

Our benefits of the service we offer are evident from day one when we engage your organization in the early stage of consulting through the assessment and analysis of the entire process:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Revenue Generation
  • Communications Clarity
  • Teamwork Improvement
  • Clear Direction and Focus
  • Synchronized Vision

Recent Blogs

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What People are Saying about our Servicesloved by hundreds of customers around the world!

TLB Enterprises allowed our company to hit the ground running on our relocation to the UAE by offering support at every stage of business development, networking and marketing efforts. EcoVis Engineering has, in the course of less than 6 weeks, already started potentially fruitful discussions and negotiations with major players in the Industry, made possible thanks to the support of TLB enterprises, and is now facing the challenge of growth within the MENA market with confidence founded in the right synergies and cooperations. If new to the MENA and UAE market, TLB Offices should be the first stop leaving the airport.
Alexander Zamora customer
It was a great pleasure having you as a Keynote Speaker during the OLC MENA 2013 in Dubai. I really enjoyed your presence. Your presence and contribution to the conference has made it a very successful event. Many participants have praised your presentation and the content that you discussed. I am looking forward to further interacting meeting you again in OLC MENA 2014 in Abu-Dhabi. Further details about the next year conference will be communicated to you in due time.
Dr. Alaa customer
I recommend TLBEnterprise as a highly reliable and professional web development company. They developed a big B2B marketplace for us. The project was done on time an on budget that was extremely important for our organization.
Mark Adraison company
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