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Foreign Trade and Engagement

TLB Enterprises provides direct services to assists SME's in navigating the landscape of business in international markets to foster access to opportunities to move their business beyond boundaries in these markets.


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  • Free Trade Zone Agency Referral
  • 2
  • Business to Business Introductions
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  • GCC Market Entry Analysis
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  • Sponsorships and Agents
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  • Branch Office Representation
Utilizing our Trusted Outsourced Network our partners and clients are able to promote their products and services for potential exporting especially among small and medium-sized enterprises; we look for the right opportunities and provide detailed market analysis and customize the information to match each clients needs. We provide an effective means for securing the relationships and the business to our partners and clients who are seeking opportunities and facing challenges in a dynamic global marketplace.

Value Add

TLB Enterprises Group Holding has a presence both across the United States, South America and in countries that represent the emerging markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East as well as many countries in Africa. We have a network of authoritative, knowledgeable, and accessible professionals who have specific expertise in the areas that will facilitate your entry into these markets. TLB Enterprises Group Holding has extensive public and private sector contacts, and credibility and access to influence in foreign markets. We effectively assists U.S. businesses and foreign partners in entering and expanding international markets, addressing barriers to accessing foreign markets while supporting efforts to win foreign government procurements and attracting inward investment.
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