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Who We Are

We Build Relationships!

TLB Enterprises Group Holding is not a Corporation seeking stock and shareholders. It is an evolving organization strategically positioned to transact business on a global scale around issues seriously affecting and challenging the existence of human life, particularly in the realm of water, energy, food, agriculture, livestock and environmental agriculture security.

TLB Enterprises Group Holding, Ltd. also seeks to develop deep knowledge and understanding of how to balance tax challenges against globally divergent systems across differences in cultures and laws. We Build Relationships!

TLB seeks to bring together divergent interests through shared visions based on shared knowledge, meanings, goals, strategies, tactics and ultimately scientifically targeted approaches to solutions requiring big answers to the human need problem that will continue well into the foreseeable future.

TLB Holding has interest in its own family of companies. However, we are expanding into the area of contractual negotiations for business transactions that mutually agreeable parties enter into to do business globally.

Meet Our Team

  • T.L. Bolden - ceo
  • Lee Marcum - chief international research officer
  • Vince Bailey - international digital media services director
  • Carol Johnson - international marketing director
  • Sherifa Afifi - international business development & sales director
  • S. Irtaza - international director of IT infrastructure & development
  • Rachel Hobin - international assistant to the president
  • Paige Tigert - administrative support
  • Cindy Molinares - executive administrative assistant to Terence L. Bolden, ceo

Reason to You Choose us

Reason 1
The client needs are our only focus. We are focused on results and target the inefficiencies first to eliminate the waste and lower expense, so we immediately start increasing your bottom line and adding value from the first moment we start to work
Reason 2
We target the low hanging fruit and big impact areas for revenue generating activities to instantly start developing the areas of your company that drive growth
Reason 3
With a global network that is focused on adding value through our Business Beyond Boundaries Program, we create marketing strategies and training programs designed to impact your long ‘term sales opportunities and align that with the support you need to continue a strong quarterly increase in revenue generating

Our History

  • 2013
    There TLBEnterprises launches its fresh look with a new logo and a new website.
  • 2009
    TLBEnterprises establishes partner company SebaiCMET.
Call now at +971 4 313 2733 and give your business a boost.