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The NEXOSYSTEM was developed by Terence L. Bolden, President of TLB Enterprises Group Holding. It is more than just a Total Quality Management System, it is the ultimate Total Vision Management System that allows you to manage by 450 Degrees of visibility. You not only see what is in front of you, we help you avoid pit falls and stay ahead of your competition well into the future. 360 Degrees of visibility plus 90 degrees of future strategies and planning give you 450 degrees of solid support. Simply put, we help you connect the dots that brings it altogether for you. We manage this vision by using a strategy called SPEEDY (Simple Practical, Efficient, Effective, Demonstrable, Yield): A Work Flow Process and Quality Management program.

The NEXOSYSTEM concept was developed to address the nexus between challenges of meeting the growing demands of keeping up with the speed and pace of technological advancements and digital globalization of human and computer resources. The intended purpose is to gain greater value from seeing people and the human resources within an organization as the solution and not the problem!
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