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We use a systems called 450 Degrees. Why, because in today’s world of fast paced digital and technological expansion you need more than 360 degrees of visibility to remain competitive and grow your business. You need to see into the future. Our additional approach of do the next logical thing, then take the next leap or step into the future. That is why we have developed a program of 450 Degrees which provides you with the additional 90 degrees of visibility you need.

We provide all the solutions under one roof. With our years of experiences in business development and business support we can help your business blossom. We are not only focused on connecting the dots and improving performance and revenue increased today, we also concentrate on the competitive edge you need, 1, 2 or 5 years from now. This means that our team is not only focused on your bottom line, we are focused on your competitive line as well. The future is now within your reach, let us help you build it!

We have expanded into the area of contractual negotiations for business transactions that mutually agreeable parties enter into to do business globally. We do this through our “Business Beyond Boundaries Program”.

This strategic approach enables us to access a world-class, worldwide network of support for small- and medium-sized businesses providing support in emerging countries to gain access to the highest levels of business intelligence. Our Innovation Solutions Business Intelligence Group (TLB IS BIG) ensure that your data and the analysis of that data is on point to help ensure that the decision you make to grow your business are on point and scientific in nature not guess work!
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